Nairobi Serena Hotel launches new Pan-Asian restaurant

Nairobi Serena Hotel unveils its new Pan-Asian restaurant, Herbs and Spices.
Nairobi Serena Hotel unveils its new Pan-Asian restaurant, Herbs and Spices.

Nairobi Serena Hotel is bringing a taste of Asia to the heart of the Kenyan capital with its new Pan-Asian restaurant, Herbs and Spices.

 The restaurant will go by the name ‘H&S’ and is located on the ground floor of the newly refurbished northern wing of the hotel. It’s the fourth dining outlet at Nairobi Serena Hotel.

The H&S will serve a diverse all day dining menu influenced by Pan-Asian cultures across the world providing guests with expertly crafted cuisine that will be taking them on a culinary journey through South East Asia.

Distinct cooking techniques and ingredients will be used to bring out the rich flavours of the dishes with speciality ingredients.

Daniel Kang’u, general manager, Nairobi Serena Hotel, says: “We are delighted to bring a new dining experience to guests looking for an exotic culinary offering.

“ Everything from the menu to the service at H&S is going to be delivered in an innovative, authentic way, redefining the scene of Pan-Asian restaurants in Kenya.”

The overall design scheme is contemporary, yet simplistic with the interiors featuring natural colour palettes and rustic wooden finish while the furniture is functional and comfortable to create a cosy feel.

The centrepiece of the restaurant features a mural wall composition of sundry herbs and spices reminiscent of various Asia sub continents of origin.

With 68 covers, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating options; the outdoor seating has a retractable canopy to shelter dinners in case of harsh weather condition.

The menu has been skilfully curated by Chef de Cuisine, Chef Wayan based in Islamabad Serena Hotel, Wild Rice, Pan-Asian Restaurant working closely with Chef Jackson to see to its implementation.

The fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean dishes will feature on the menu and will include traditional composition of flavours.

Japanese Whiskies, Craft Gin as well as a variety of cocktails will be available at the H&S bar strategically poised at the terrace of the restaurant.

Mellow background music will be played as guests dine to create a relaxed ambience subtle enough not to distract them from the food itself.

Excellent service and hospitality is expected to be part of the gastronomic experience at H&S similar to the standards upheld at all Serena Hotels entities.

Mr Kangu added: “The opening of H&S is timely, as Nairobi continues to make its mark as one of the top foodies’ hot spots in Africa.

“Our aim is to continuously build our restaurants’ brand; not just by offering delectable food, but also good energy to our loyal and new customers.”

The H&S intends to appeal to urbane young professionals, business and leisure guests looking for a thematic dining experience in Nairobi.

The restaurant opens every day except Mondays, between 11am to midnight, starting with lunch running through to dinner service.

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