Germany supports Tanzania with funds to protect Selous Game Reserve

Wild dogs at Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

Tanzania has received 18 million euros from Germany in aid of conservation activities in the Selous Game Reserve.

The German government also donated six new Toyota land cruisers in support of the war against poaching of wildlife in the popular game reserve.

During the launch of the Selous Ecosystem Conservation and Development Programme (SECAD), Tanzanian Natural Resources and Tourism Minister, Jumanne Maghembe, welcomed Gemany’s support in protecting the Selous Game Reserve.

“The SECAD provides a firm basis for the protection of the Selous natural resources for the benefit of the country, adjacent communities and the natural heritage,”  Prof Maghembe said.

Germany Ambassador to Tanzania, Egon Kochanke, said the programme was a joint effort by the two governments’ civil society organisations to effectively conserve the Selous Game Reserve.

He noted that the conservation efforts would protect the game reserve ecosystem and address threats to its World Heritage Site status.

“In light of huge challenges facing the Selous Game Reserve including poaching, encroachment and poverty in its buffer zones, Germany is committed to support Tanzania in protecting the reserve,” Mr Kochanke said.

“We treasure Selous Game Reserve as it is magnificent and has unique ecosystem of global importance,” he added.

Mr Kochanke pointed out that Germany will support conservation of the game reserve for the benefit of the present and future generation.

The SECAD programme will be implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism through the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund and the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

The reserve is home to wildlife including African bush elephants, black rhinos, hippopotamus, Maasai lions, East African wild dogs, cheetahs, Cape buffaloes, Maasai giraffes, Plains zebras and crocodiles.

Covering 50,000 square kilometres, Selous Game Reserve is among the largest protected areas in Africa and is relatively undisturbed by human impact.

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